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Meet The  Legal Business Expert

The Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

Cecelia Richie is a Detroit native and the founding Attorney of the Cecelia B. Richie Law Firm.  She is a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.  She is licensed in Michigan and a member of the State Bar of Michigan Association.  Cecelia is passionate about entrepreneurship development and securing business ventures from the ground up.  The Cecelia B. Richie Law Firm was created exclusively for intellectual property and business law.  As a mother of two and a wife Cecelia understand how important financial security is.  Our mission is to create generational wealth and a family legacy to be proud of.

"A Trademark is how customers distinguish you from your competitors. It is your brand and reputation all in one.  Your hard work is worth protecting because it is your legacy." Cecelia


As a Business and Trademark Attorney I help to ensure small businesses are protected the s
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