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Close-up of a silver pen on docunent contract. Legal contract signing, buy sell real estat

Starting at $500

Are you an Athlete that has a contract to be a brand ambassador or sponsor but do not understand the contract or what everything means.  Or you are an entrepreneur conducting business and have a contract you are not sure about the details or the contract and not sure your should sign it.  Well your in luck the Cecelia B. Richie Law Firm specializes in reviewing contracts.  We will review your contract, then explain each section and terms,  bring attention to areas of the agreement that is very important that you understand, and answer any questions you have.  We will even offer negotiation tips.

After a contract review session we us you will be able to understand your contract with confidence.  All relevant legal issues or concerns will be explained so you will be able to protect yourself or business in transaction or agreement.

(Fee only apply to basic contracts, limited to 10 page contracts)

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